Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Chair With The Chocolate Legs

Here are some pictures of a chair I found a couple of months ago at curbside trash 400 yards from where my apartment is located. I did a complete restoration. It had only one leg, which I removed. I built the new legs for it. The picture in which the ribs are painted blue was taken after I did that part of the restoration. It was totally bare wood when I found it. It also appeared to be very old. Since I found this chair, I have seen other chairs almost identical to it, so at one time many of these chairs were manufactured. But it is an honor to own it now in its restored state, for which I have myself to thank. But it could look good like this for many decades to come. It has been painted with painstaking detail.

UPDATE ON JUNE 26, 2010 ----- Moments ago, with no CNN reporters present, I added up top the two pictures of the dresser now featured there. I began that project about six or seven months ago but the gouge on the lower right side as you look at the dresser from the front was filled with putty that took months to dry. So in June I finished up the work and this is the result. I am certainly proud of it. You will notice how neatly aligned the lines in the back are where the three colors intersect.

UPDATE ON JUNE 15, 2010 ----- Just now I added a picture up top of a VHS tape rack. I built this from scrap lumber that I found in various locations. It took me about 4 weeks to complete this project. It is about 6 feet 3 inches tall and 25-1/2 inches wide. Each shelf, and there are 7 of them, I believe, will hold 21 VHS tapes. I look forward to going to a genuine wide open space flea market in the near future and collecting more VHS tapes than I now have. Do you realize that some movies are not available on DVD that can be found on VHS?

UPDATE ON JUNE 17, 2010 ----- This evening I added two pictures up top. You can see the rocking chair, Before and After. The Before picture is from about Monday and was taken after the chair was completely repaired and scrubbed down, but not yet rinsed off with the hose. Wood dries quickly in the hot sun and is ready in no time to be painted. The left arm rest was loose, like a flap. The very top head rest board was detached but was included with the chair abandoned at curbside, that I found about three months or so ago. Finally, I got around to the restoration. The After picture was taken on Thursday. There is much work involved in such a multiple color scheme for a piece of furniture. But it looks much more interesting than if the item was painted a single color. I would estimate the chair to be 40 to 45 years old, based on how dilapidated it was and how the paint had done serious peeling. But now that it is fully restored, it may be good for a good many more years. I am thinking of putting it on the front porch and sitting in it to read a book now and then.

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